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Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
this area today, toured the area with governor christie via helicopter. president obama has pledged to support but it's going to take time. reporting from atlantic city. >> sandy didn't bring just rain and heavy winds. garrett county it was snowing. some people are getting close to 30 inches of snow. rest stops are shut down. and tonight 17,000 people are in the dark, no power. >> sandy continues to spin, some snow showers in garrett county. i think we're dry the rose of the night. it's impressive to see sandy swirling over erie, pennsylvania. the clouds continue to come. not a lot of moon or star lie. temperatures running cool. so as the kids -- as you head out with the kids, dress them warm, maybe put a layer under the costumes. download hour abc2 weather map. >> all right. next year i'm going to go as a weather app. >>> here we are at the baltimore humane society. the shelter lost power. now everyone is struggling to care for the animals. deliveries of pet food and cat litter have been canceled for the week. to help keep them comfortable, get more information on donating to the s
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
on if anyone was hurt but just amazing pictures. wow. governor chris christie said the storm's damage is beyond anything than i thought i would see. >> look what to this car in orange, new jersey. he was driving when he took a photo. he said there are a lot of trees and power lines in his neighborhood and right here too. he said things are calm today. >>> take a look at this video from ash bury park. it cut off barrier island, swept houses from their foundations and washed away rides and destroyed some of the boardwalk. look at some of those pictures. >>> ocean city was really hammered by sandy. >> and christian schaffer has been seeing it all. christian, people are upset when they saw the pier go. >> reporter: i'm trying to focus on the good news. no deaths no injuries despite a hard hitted a lot of flooding, especially on the bay side. the seawall held. the dunes held. there's a big cleanup but there really want the massive damage there could have been if sandy had come further to the south. this is what's going on on the beach right now. the sand that was pushed back toward
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2